About Mingo-EGADS

Mingo-EGADS (Extensible Grammar and Dictionary System) is a hypermedia information system designed to describe the Mingo language, for reference by Mingo speakers, learners, and linguists. It is being written by Jordan Lachler, Thomas McElwain (U. Stockholm Department of Comparative Religion), and Sean M. Burke.

Mingo-EGADS is in the development stages.

This material for the propagation of the Mingo language is prepared with the cooperation of all existing official Mingo organizations, but not under the auspices of any of them. It is intended for use in educational programs of all kinds, personal and organized, among the various Mingo and Mingo-related groups, as well as by individuals of Mingo descent or other interested persons. Although the material is in the public domain and may be used without direct permission of the authors, we would appreciate receiving notice for our records of any public use. Every effort has been made to respect the privacy of certain sources, and for this reason religiously sensitive material does not appear here, even when it is available in academic archives or publications. Those interested in such matter should approach their respective Longhouse representatives.

ThomasGMcElwain@gmail.com, 2008-11-23