Lesson 1: Basic Greeting Phrases

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Like all languages, Mingo has a variety of greeting phrases.  These phrases are usable at any time of the day, unlike English greeting phrases like "Good morning!" or "Good afternoon!".

Hae'.                   Hi.
Kuwe.                   Hey there.
Hau'.                   Hello.
Aaskënö'kêôk.           Greetings.

You can add the word swakwékö "all you guys" after these phrases if you're greeting a big bunch of people

Kuwe swakwékö!          Hey there all you guys!

After greeting someone, you may want to ask them how things are going with them.

Skênö' nae?             Is it going well?
Skênö' ti nae?          Is it going well then?

If you can tell right off that something is wrong with them, you may want to ask them if they're feeling alright.

Satökwetha' nae?        Are you feeling well?

Note that this is the form of the question you use when talking to just one person.  Hopefully, you won't run into a big group of sick-looking people.

If you don't particularly care about how the other person is doing, you can simply ask them about what's going on.

Të'ë niyutyéê?          What's happening?

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