Lesson 7: Where Do You Live?

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Once you know a person's name, the next important piece of information to find out is where they live.  One way to do that in Mingo is to ask:

Káwé tsnôke'?                 Where do you live?

This question introdcues us to our second important question word, «káwé» 'where'.  To reply, you can say:

Albuquerque tknôke'.          I live in Albuquerque.

To find out about other people, you can ask questions such as:

Káwé thanôke' ne hôkwe?       Where does the man live?
Káwé tyenôke' ne yeksa'aa?    Where does the girl live?

If you think you might know where someone lives, you can take a guess. For example, you could ask:

Dallas tyenôke' ne yakôkwe?   Does the woman live in Dallas?

When you ask a question like this in Mingo -- that is, a question where the answer is either 'yes' or 'no'  --  the pitch of your voice should go up at the end of the question, much as it does in English.

If she does live in Dallas, the response could be:

Túkës, Dallas tyenôke' ne yakôkwe.
Yes, indeed, the woman lives in Dallas.

If not, the answer might be:

Hë'ë, Portland tyenôke' ne yakôkwe.
No, the woman lives in Portland.

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