Surviving Internet Chat

Mingo is very useful in Internet Chat. You can almost always find a Navajo using the Native language, and it's no trick to answer in Mingo. Of course neither of you will know what the other is saying, but why complain? Most people don't listen anyway, even if they're speaking the same language.

Hau'. Na'u't niyawë'ö?
Hi! What's up?
I think I'll run into town and get some beer. Anybody want to come along?
Káwé íse's? Wéê nae?
Where are you? Is it far?
I've got too much homework to go anywhere. I'm going to have to sign off.
Uthúwe' nëkhu nêkê néwa'.
It's cold here today.
I've never been to Australia. I'd love to go.
Sô nae wahtatökwas ëyék?
Who wants some popcorn?
Hiya Razorbackguest5FV4998! Where have you been?
Unénö' wai nëkhu.
It's warm here.
I love to masterXXte.
Wáétkë' sênö ëhsesnye't.
Watch your mouth.
I'd rather mistress-bait.
Ukwényô yeeu'tawastha' ëhseu'táwák?
Can you play the flute?
Hey, what's that mess you're writing? Look, people! Some guy is writing in Martian!
Ha'tekakôt ëkahtêti'.
I've got to go.

If you log on during a busy time, it will take you an hour to get five sentences in. If you use the same five next time, chances are it won't be the same people, and if they are, they won't remember anyway.

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