The Ant's Birthday Party

1 Hekaahwas tsihstuhkw' khu
2 Utyasw ne unte'
3 Ushte' huik s'
4 Tewntnt' wsu'.

The ant too had a birthday,
Invited every friend.
'Twas well attended anyway
By cousins without end.


(1) Hekaahwas tsihstuhkw' khu
hekaahwas -- it has a birthday
he- Translocative prefix, -ka- NsA/C prefix, he...ahw- have a birthday [Habitual]
tsihstuhkw' -- ant
khu -- and

(2) Utyasw ne unte'
utyasw -- it has invited (someone)
[u-] NsP/A prefix, -atyasw- invite someone [Stative]
ne -- [particle]
unte' -- its friends
un[-] NMpP/A prefix, -ateu- be friends [Stative]

(3) Ushte' huik s'
ushte' -- it is well-attended
u- NsP/X prefix, -shte'- (an event) be well-attended [Stative]
huik -- this
s' -- because, since

(4) Tewntnt' wsu'
tewntnt' -- they are siblings
te- Dualic prefix, -wn[-] NMpA/A prefix, te...atnte- be siblings to one another [Stative]
wsu' -- many, much

Written by: [TM:4/96]
Glossary by: [JL:4/96]