What is Crayfish Like?

You already know that Oh! means "it". That means it comes on other words besides animal names. It comes at the beginning of words that mean things like "it is strong", or "it is fast". Oh! can come at the beginning of almost any word, and it is a good idea to learn words in the "it" form.

Be careful with pronunciation. Watch especially for h and -'- in the middle of words, the nasal vowels, and the difference between a, (ah), as in "father", and , (a), as in "hat".

What is Crayfish like? Is it shy? Is it happy? Let's see.

Utsi'ehta' th'. Crayfish is talking. Oh-tah'.
Utsi'ehta' uyst. Crayfish looks nice. Oh-YA(N)S-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' uhkai'. Crayfish is annoyed. Ohh-GUY-a(n)'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' u'nkt. Crayfish is wise. oh'-NEE-gont.
Utsi'ehta' uhkws. Crayfish is wrapped in a blanket. Ohh-GWAH-son(g).
Utsi'ehta' uyt. Crayfish is smiling. Oh-YON-dee.
Utsi'ehta' uhsawe'. Crayfish is unsociable. Ohh-saw-WAY'.
Utsi'ehta' uytt. Crayfish is visible. Oh-YANN-dead.
Utsi'ehta' uhs. Crayfish is fat. Ohh-SA(NN).
Utsi'ehta' utki'. Crayfish is dirty. Oat-gee'.
Utsi'ehta' uska'sh'. Crayfish is barefoot. Ohs-sgah'-s-hon(g)'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' utakey. Crayfish is weak. Oh-dah-GAY-yon(g).
Utsi'ehta' ute'. Crayfish is embarrassed. Oh-DAY-a(n)'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' utak'. Crayfish is stiff. Oh-DUH-ga-on(g)'.
Utsi'ehta' utehkkt. Crayfish is angry. Oh-dayhh-GAK-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' usth. Crayfish is the youngest. Ohs-TON(G).
Utsi'ehta' uteshtkw. Crayfish is awake. Oh-DAY-sa(n)hh-DA-gwa(n).
Utsi'ehta' uste'. Crayfish is heavy. Ohs-day'.
Utis'ehta' uktuk. Crayfish is holding it down. Oak-DOH-a-gon(g).
Utsi'ehta' utiyhk. Crayfish won't part with it. Oh-DEE-yon(g)hh-gon(g).
Utsi'ehta' uttunya't. Crayfish is just fooling. Oh-DAN-doh-NYAH'-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' utkny. Crayfish is playing. Oat-GAH-nyay.
Utsi'ehta' usheya. Crayfish is jealous. Ohs-HAY-yah-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' uti'ky'. Crayfish is shy. Oh-DEE'-gyon(g)'
Utsi'ehta' utkw. Crayfish is doing well. Oh-DONG-gway.
Utsi'ehta' utkn. Crayfish is critical. Oht-GAN-nee.
Utsi'ehta' utaay'. Crayfish is whispering or peeking. Oh-DAH-ya(n)'.
Utsi'ehta' un'khw. Crayfish is quick-tempered. Oh-NON(G)'-qua(n).
Utsi'ehta' utty. Crayfish is grown-up. Oh-DOH-ja(n).
Utsi'ehta' unste'. Crayfish is selfish. Oh-NON(G)S-day'.
Utsi'ehta' utkny. Crayfish is stirring it. Oat-GO-nyay.
Utsi'ehta' uteshht. Crayfish is panting. Oh-DON(G)-es-HA(N)HH-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' unktni. Crayfish is sick. Oh-NONGK-dah-nee.
Utsi'ehta' uthe'. Crafish is happy. Oh-DON(G)-hon(g)-ay'.
Utsi'ehta' unht'. Crayfish is tired of waiting. Oh-NON(G)hh-don(g)'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' utskw. Crayfish is wrinkled. Oh-DON(G)S-gwee.
Utsi'ehta' unw. Crayfish is a liar. Oh-NOH-wa(n).
Utsi'ehta' utswe'tni. Crayfish is hungry. Oh-DON(G)-sway'-dah-nee.
Utsi'ehta' ukwt'. Crayfish is sad. Oh-gwan-DA'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' utw. Crayfish is breathing. Oh-DON(G)-wee.
Utsi'ehta' ukhkw' Crayfish is snoring. Oh-GON(G)HH-gwah'.
Utsi'ehta' uthsht. Crayfish is tired. Oht-SA(N)hh-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' uknys. Crayfish is tidy. Oh-GO-nya(n)s.
Utsi'ehta' utwnw. Crayfish is making fun of it. Oh-DWAN-noh-way.
Utsi'ehta' uknny'. Crayfish has freckles. Oh-GAN-na(n)-on-nyon(g)'.
Utsi'ehta' utyan'. Crayfish is poisoned. Oh-JAH-non(g)'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' uk'tn. Crayfish is tired of it. Oh-GA(N)'-dah-nee.
Utsi'ehta' uty't. Crayfish is incompetent. Oh-JAY-a't.
Utsi'ehta' ukay'. Crayfish is willing. Oh-GAH-ya(n)'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' utye'niht. Crayfish has enough. Oh-JAY'-neehh-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' ukaanwk. Crayfish has sore eyes. Oh-GAH-NON(G)-wong-gon(g).
Utsi'ehta' uya't. Crayfish has got it inside something. Oh-YAH'-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' uta'. Crayfish is asleep. Oh-DAH'-on(g).
Utsi'ehta' uya'tahk. Crayfish is teasing it. Oh-a-yah'-DAHH-gon(g).
Utsi'ehta' uya'titht. Crayfish has been implicated. Oh-YAH'-dee-DA-hh-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' un'keht. Crayfish is waiting. Oh-NON(G)'-GAY-a-hh-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' utk. Crayfish is making noise. Oht-GAH.
Utsi'ehta' u'th'. Crayfish is lying next to it. Oh-a(n)'-ton(g)'.
Utsi'ehta' uh' Crayfish is arguing. Oh-ee-HAH'.
Utsi'ehta' uyak't Crayfish is working. Oh-on(g)-yuh-GA(N)'-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' uteha't. Crayfish is drying it. Oh-DAY-hah'-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' uhse'. Crayfish is riding on its back. Ohh-say'.
Utsi'ehta' ushe'nt. Crayfish has a lump on it. Ohs-HAY'-nont.
Utsi'ehta' utke'. Crayfish has it for sale. oat-GAY-on(g)'.
Utsi'ehta' uh. Crayfish is dry. Oh-HA(N).
Utsi'ehta' unw. Crayfish is wet. Oh-a-non(g)-wa(n).
Utsi'ehta' u'nyath. Crayfish is skinny. Oh'-NA(N)-yah-THA(N).
Utsi'ehta' uhtyt. Crayfish is frightening. Ohh-JONT.
Utsi'ehta' usnuwt. Crayfish is going fast. Oh-SNOW-wa-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' ut. Crayfish is in the lead. Oh-AN-don(g).
Utsi'ehta' utaty. Crayfish is hopping up and down. Oh-DUH-dah-yon(g).

Crayfish is unhappy because we have been talking about it so much. Why not try talking about some of your friends from chapters one and two?

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