When Crayfish said "Oh!" and "Ah!"

Most people say "Oh!" most of the time. But sometimes everybody says "Ah". There isn't really any difference in what it means. So once in a while, for some words, Crayfish says "Ah!" instead of "Oh" when he says "it" words in Mingo. Notice that every time he does this the word has an u or after the Ah!.

Utsi'ehta' au. Crayfish has put it in the water.
Utsi'ehta' au'su. Crayfish has covered it.
Utsi'ehta' auhk. Crayfish has spread it on.
Utsi'ehta' au'k. Crayfish has come to the limit.
Utsi'ehta' auhtah. Crayfish has set it aside.
Utsi'ehta' autyy. Crayfish has gathered it up.
Utsi'ehta' autsht. Crayfish has dipped it out.
Utsi'ehta' autah. Crayfish has put it over it.
Utsi'ehta' aus. Crayfish has sprinkled it.
Utsi'ehta' a'. Crayfish has mended it.
Utsi'ehta' aisyhk. Crayfish has kept trying.
Utsi'ehta' akuht. Crayfish put it through an opening.
Utsi'ehta' a'n. Crayfish has moved it away.
Utsi'ehta' at. Crayfish has put it in the oven.
Utsi'ehta' a'ehsa'. Crayfish is pleased.
Utsi'ehta' awt. Crayfish has set a time and place.
Utsi'ehta' aty. Crayfish has thrown it out.
Utsi'ehta' atah. Crayfish has put it in.
Utsi'ehta' athw. Crayfish has burnt it.

It's hard to tell exactly which Crayfish is doing all those things. The best thing to do is go back and change "it" to "he" by putting h at the beginning of each word.

On the other hand, Mrs Crayfish is not satisfied with what Mr Crayfish has done. She has gone back and done everything over again herself. Go back and change "it" to "she" by putting k at the beginning of each word.

Since she is disturbed at how poorly Crayfish does things, every time she does something, she tells him so. Change "it" to "I" by putting a k AFTER the a in each word above. But leave out the word Utsi'ehta'.

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