Fox Earns His Rest

1 Ne' ne uteshht huik
2 Un'kwatkw katkhe's
3 Uskawak kty' khu
4 Hewe nikakhwihskhe's.
The fox pants hard for running round,
For running round is he
By bush and field wherever's found
A hearty meal for free.

5 Ne' ne ukhkw' n'kwatkw
6 Kanyu' ne khkwitk'
7 Teyuskey ne' ne n'k'
8 Uhtak uyyak't.
The fox snores hard for sleeping sound
Although the sun's long up.
He's tired to death for working round
To fill his plate and cup.


(1) Ne' ne uteshht huik

ne' -- [particle]
ne -- [particle]
uteshht -- it is panting, breathing hard
[u]- NsP/A prefix, -ateshht- pant, breath hard [Stative]
huik -- there, that

(2) Un'kwatkw katkhe's

un'kwatkw -- fox
katkhe's -- it runs around
ka- NsA/C prefix, -takh- run [Purposive-Habitual]
(3) Uskawak kty' khu

uskawak -- in the bushes
u- NsP/X prefix, -skaw- bush, -a- Linker Vowel, -k Internal Locative Suffix
kty' -- field, meadow (is there)
k[]- NsA/I prefix, -it- field, meadow, -a- Linker Vowel, -y- have something [Stative]
khu -- and, also, too, as well

(4) Hewe nikakhwihskhe's.

hewe -- where, the place where
nikakhwihskhe's -- how it goes looking around for food
ni- Partitive prefix, -ka- NsA/X prefix, -khw- food, -ihsak- look for something [Dislocative-Purposive-Habitual]

(5) Ne' ne ukhkw' n'kwatkw

ne' -- [particle]
ne -- [particle]
ukhkw' -- it is snoring
u- NsP/X prefix, -khkwa- snore [Stative]
n'kwatkw -- fox

(6) Kanyu' ne khkwitk'

kanyu' -- when
ne -- [particle]
khkwitk's -- the sun comes out, appears
ka- NsA/C prefix, -hkw- sun, -itk'- something comes out, becomes visible [Habitual]

(7) Teyuskey ne' ne n'k'

teyuskey -- it has gotten tired, it is tired
te- Dualic prefix, -yu- NsP/X prefix, te...skeey- get tired [Stative]
ne' -- [particle]
ne -- [particle]
n'k' -- afterwards

(8) Uhtak uyyak't.

uhtak -- after
uyyak't -- it is working
u- NsP/C prefix, -yyak't- work [Stative]

Written by: [TM:4/96]
Glossary by: [JL:4/96]