Matthew 2:23

Ne'hu, ti, heuy, heunkt he tkantay' ne Nazareth kays; ne' n-uiwayei' he niutiwnw' n-utitukstannik, Ne' Nazarene wysthk.

And so he arrived and lived in a city called Nazareth, and then it came true what the prophets said, They will continue to call him Nazarene.

heunkt, where he has made his home
cf. shankt and thatinke'

he niutiwnw', what they have spoken
he ni-huti-wn--w'-

niwakwnw', what I have said
niwakwnw'as', what I've finally said
nikwnw'skwa', what I used to say
nikwnw's, what I say
n'kwnw't, what I said
nkwnw'sk, what I'll keep saying
nkwnw't,what I would say

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