Lesson 3: Negative Responses and Leavetakings

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Sometimes, things just don't go your way.  If things are not going well, you can respond with:

Hë'ë.                   No.
Te'skênö'.              It's not going well.

If you're just not sure how you're doing, or you want to keep it to yourself, you can try responding with:

Ti'kwa.                 I don't know.

If you are under the weather, you can respond with:

Te'katökwétha'.         I don't feel well.
Te'köhíyú.              I don't feel healthy.

Note the change from the short -e- sound in «katökwetha'» to the long -é- sound in «te'katökwétha'».

If you don't want to panic your friend, you can always add in your hedge phrase «aayê' nae».

Aayê' nae te'katökwétha'.    I don't seem to feel well.
Aayê' nae te'köhíyú.         I guess I don't feel healthy.


There are two basic leavetaking phrases in Mingo.

Hau'.                   Bye.
Ëskôkë' ae'.            I'll see you again.

Note that «hau'» is also one of the greeting phrases, meaning it is possible to both start and finish a Mingo conversation with the same word.

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