Lesson 4: Sample Basic Conversations

Listen to this Lesson

Based on what we've learned in the first three lessons, see if you can follow these two simple dialogues in Mingo.

Dialogue 1

A. Kuwe, Paul!
B. Kuwe, Tabitha!  Skênö' nae?
A. Ê', skênö'.  Ís ti?
B. Túkës.

Dialogue 2

A. Hae', Teddy.
B. Kuwe, Frank.  Satökwetha' nae?
A. Aayê' nae katökwetha'.  Ís ti?
B. Ha'tekayéí'.
A. Su't, ëskôkë' ae'!
B. Ëskôkë' ae'!

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