Lesson 5: Identification : Part I

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Once you have mastered the pleasantries of Mingo conversation, the next step is to actually be able to talk about something.

One of the first questions you might want to ask someone is:

Të'ë na'u't syásö?    What are you called? (= What's your name?)

To respond to such a question, you might say:

Jordan kyásö.         I'm called Jordan. (= My name is Jordan.)

You can then turn the question back around, and ask:

Të'ë nís syásö?       What are you called?

To which you might reply:

Jordan ní' kyásö.     I am called Jordan.

More fun than talking about yourself is talking about other people.  For instance, you may want to know:

Të'ë na'u't hayásö?           What is he called?
Të'ë na'u't yeyásö?           What is she called?

The answers to these questions follow the same pattern we saw above.

Bill hayásö.                 He is called Bill.
Susie yeyásö.                She is called Susie.

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