Camel's Comments

Chapter One: Camel Arrives in Mingo Flats
Kwa'y': S n huik?
Rabbit: Who is that?

Tsonskyt: Te'aknht', te'aknht', te'aknht'.
Red Squirrel: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

Ti't': Ti'kwa, ti'kwa, ti'kwa.
Blue Jay: Don't know, don't know, don't know.

Knya'skwt: T' kw tyaw' kakwk n s kaat ks tisnisnye'?
Camel: Why in the world do you two always say everything three times?

Tsonskyt: Tha'ty, tha'ty, tha'ty.
Red Squirrel: Not everything, everything, everything.

Ti't': Tyutkt, tyutkt, tyutkt.
Blue Jay: Always, always, always.

Knya'skwt: Ukwny ne kaini ne' swaiwakwniyust ne' wai Hawnyu' s niaya'tk.
Camel: Maybe the reason is because you believe in a God in three persons.

Kwa'y': Ta'tekya'tuwetha' n-kwaiwakwniyust n-kwaiwasynya't khu.
Rabbit: I don't bother myself with religion or politics.

Knya'skwt: Kakwk n kwaiwakwniyust ha'ty kwaiwasynya't khu.
Camel: Everything is what we believe and how we do things.

Tsonskyt: Ne' khu n ne utwatyanht's.
Red Squirrel: And then there are jokes.

Ti't': Kakay kyte, kyte, kyte.
Blue Jay: I know a good story, story, story.

Kwa'y': Ne' wai ne kaiwakwny ne' s n n-s'a.
Rabbit: The important thing is who you are.

Tsonskyt: S, s, s?
Red Squirrel: Who, who, who?

Ti't': T' khu, t' khu, t' khu?
Blue Jay: And what, what, what?

Knya'skwt: Knya'skwt ' kys. Utu'kwt n nikya'tu't n-'a.
Camel: My name is Crooked-Neck. And I am a camel.

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