Camel's Comments

Chapter Two: Where is Camel From?
Kwa'y': Kw tisht?
Rabbit: Where do you come from?

Knya'skwt: Egypt n twakht n-'a.
Camel: I come from Egypt.

Tsonskyt: Tsikwas tsikwas tsikwas n tisht?
Red Squirrel: Are you coming soon, soon, soon?

Ti't': Kw, kw, kw?
Blue Jay: Where, where, where?

Kwa'y': Kw n ne Egypt ytsate'?
Rabbit: Where is Egypt?

Tsonskyt: Se khkwaa'ke n?
Red Squirrel: Is it on the moon?

Ti't': Ne' n n-' ke'skwa' unhtsi se khkwaa'ke.
Blue Jay: I was on the moon once a long time ago.

Tsonskyt: Snw, snw, s'tanw sh!
Red Squirrel: You're lying, you're just a big liar!

Ti't': Ke'skwa', ke'skwa', ke'skwa'!
Bluebird: I was, I was, I was!

Knya'skwt: Skanyutati huik.
Camel: It's on the other side of the ocean.

Kwa'y': Kaw'ke n tisht?
Rabbit: Did you come by boat?

Ti't': Tekt, tekt, tekt tyuht.
Blue Jay: It came by airplane, airplane, airplane.

Knya'skwt: Th' n. Auska'a ne nikanyu'ta's'aa ne tekt wnhttye's. Kaw'ke kuwn akahtty.
Camel: No indeed! Only small animals travel by airplane. I traveled in a big boat.

Kwa'y': Huwy' ne hakst.
Rabbit: My grandfather has a boat.

Tsonskyt: ', n kw he Egyptke he'skwa'?
Red Squirrel: Yes, but was he ever in Egypt?

Ti't': k se khkwaa'ke?
Blue Jay: Or on the moon?

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