Camel's Comments

Chapter Three: What Church Do You Go To?
Kwa'y': Kanhsesk' n n-'a. T' ti n-s?
Rabbit: I belong to the Longhouse. What about you?

Tsonskyt: N huti'stuwn nikaya'tu't ne Ti't'.
Red Squirrel: Blue Jay is a Free Methodist.

Ti't': N te'n-'! Ne' wai n-s huti'stuwn, huti'stuwn, huti'stuwn!
Blue Jay: I am not! You're a Free Methodist, Methodist, Methodist!

Kwa'y': Ne' wai hwti'sks ne unkanya'k. Hwti'sks n s nisya'tu't?
Rabbit: Beaver is a Baptist. Are you a Baptist?

Knya'skwt: T' na'u't ne hwti'sks?
Camel: What's a Baptist?

Ti't': Hwti'sks, hwti'ks, hwti'sks n kwa'.
Blue Jay: Why they just put them under the water, under the water, under the water.

Knya'skwt: Hwti'sks ki'sh nikya'tu't. Hwti'sks w. Ne' uht hunteyk, ne' wai hwti'sks.
Camel: Maybe I'm a Baptist. A Baptist I think. After sexual intercourse they put them under the water.

Kwa'y': Aky! Ne' khu n uh'syny?
Rabbit: Wow! Every day?

Ti't': Ne' n-s n uh'syny!
Blue Jay: Well, for you every day!

Tsonskyt: Ne' n-s wai tkkt hwti'skuskw nisya'tu't, Knya'skwt.
Red Squirrel: Camel, you must be a super Baptist.

Kwa'y': Ne' khu n ha'tekakt wsu' nekaka'te' Egyptke.
Rabbit: There must really be a lot of water in Egypt.

Knya'skwt: Su't. Ne'hu tkhkuwn. Ne' n te'akwasnye's hwti'sks. Muslim akwasnye's.
Camel: Well, there's a big river there. And we don't say Baptist. We say Muslim.

Ti't': Wusni? Aky!
Blue Jay: Muslim? Wow!

Tsonskyt: Ne' wai hunnest' niyeya'tu't ne akhak.
Red Squirrel: My aunt is a Presbyterian.

Ti't': Su't! Taatiyahstha' niyeya'tu't. Huti'khais niyeya'tu't. Hntya'taknye's niyeya'tu't.
Blue Jay: Well! Let her be a Catholic! Let her be Episcopal! Let her be a Holy Roller!

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