Matthew 2:1

Ne' n-n ne Jesus shankt ne Bethlehem tkantay', he tkanktay' ne Judea, ne' twnishtnyk thsikuwhkw ne Herud, n n'w, tkhkwitk'skw tanhtak n-kwe, n-a'ty huti'nikyta's, Magi hatiyas, ne'hu hutiys' ne Jerusalem.

Now when Jesus was born in the town of Bethleham, in the province of Judea, in those days when Herod was king, it happened that some people came from the east, some kind of wise men, Magi they are called, arrived in Jerusalem.

shankt, when he was born

thsiunkt, when he had been born
Thsiunkt hewe yuk, ne'hu twnishtnyk ae' tsnt'.
When he was born in the valley, at that time there was another flood there.

thsiunktas', when he was finally born
Thsiunktas', ne' teyutiskey yte'ttahkwa' khu n-unu'.
When he was born at last both the midwife and his mother were tired.

thsinkthak, when he used to be born
Thsinkthak ne hny' skanyutti, ne'hu twatatwniyn'.
When the white man used to be born across the sea, then we were free.

thsinktha', when he is born
Thsinktha' ne hny', n-n n-akwanke' akwasthwahse.
When the white man is born, then our living place becomes smaller for us.

shnkthk, for as long as he will continue to be born
Shnkthk nkhu, ne' n-akwanke' ykwasthwahsk.
Since he will continue to be born here, our living place will continue to get smaller.

shaankt, when he would be born
Shaankt ya'tsi, aatsitwatatwniyu'he't.
Whenever he might be born elsewhere, we might become free again.

tkantay', town or city there

he kantay', in the city
tkantayta'k, there will continue to be a town there
Tyatk' tkantayta'k hhne.
Let's go to Pittsburgh.

tkantay', there used to be a town there
nhtsi ne huwe Yuk tkantay'.
Long ago there used to be a town at Mingo Flats.

tkanktay', state or province there

ne' twnishtnyk, in those days (past)
ne' t-w-nish--teny-k

twnishtny', in these days
Ne' twnishtny' akeskeeysk.
I tire easily these days.

tkhkwitk'skw, from the east,
lit. "towards from where the sun appears"

tkhkwitk's east
Tkhkwitk's akwanke'.
We live in the east.

tanhtak, they came

twakehtahk, I've come
Hekanty' twakehtahk.
I've come from town.

twakehtahkwas', I've finally come
Nkhu tyakawehtahkwas'.
She came here at last.

tkehtahkwak, I used to come
Huwe tyakwehtahkwak, ne' kw n-n ne'hu tan'swt'.
We used to come from over there, but then they built a dam there.

tkehtahkwa', I come
Tiswehtahkwa' Tkantu'?
Do y'all come from New York City?

takhtak, I came
Tahtak ne ste'.
He came last night.

tkehtahkwk, I will keep coming
thnehtahkwk ne uaaky.
They'll keep coming by the old road.

aatkehtak, I would come
Tsikwas aatishtak n-y'k.
You should come home early tonight.

ha'ty, as it were, everything

huti'nikyta's, wise men,
lit, "it causes them to have minds"

uti'nikyta'sk, they will continue to be wise men
aknikyta's, I'm a wise man

ne'hu hutiys', they finally arrived there
ne'hu huti-y-s'-

aky, I've arrived
akys', I've finally arrived
akyn', I had arrived
ky, I arrive
u'ky', I arrived
kyk, I will keep arriving
aaky', I would arrive

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