Matthew 2:4

Ne', ti, n-n shaakya'teuek kakwk n-atikuwns hatiya'tthwas, khu ne shakutyatni ne ktyuhkwa'ke, hakyat' ka ti'kwawe n-aankt ne Christ?

And when he had gathered together all the important people who offer up burnt offerings and the ones who used to write on behalf of the crowd, he asked them whereabout Christ should be born.

shaakya'teuek, when he had gathered them together

thsikwaya'teu, when I have gathered you all together
thsikwaya'teuekas', when I have finally gathered you all together
thsikwaya'teueskwa', when I used to gather you all together
thsikwaya'teus, when I gather you all together
sha'kwaya'teuek, when I gathered you all together
shkwaya'teuehsk, for as long as I'll keep gathering you all together
shaakwaya'teuek, when I would gather you all together

n-atikuwns, they are chief ones

kuwn, it's big
kuwns, big ones

hatiya'tthwas, priests, they make burnt offerings

akya'tthw, I've made burnt offerings
akya'tthwas', I've finally made burnt offerings
kya'tthwaskwa', I used to make burnt offerings; I used to be a priest
u'kya'tthu', I made burnt offerings
kya'tthwhask, I'll keep making burnt offerings; I'll continue to be a priest
aakya'tthu', I would make burnt offereings

khu ne shakutyatni, and the scribes,
lit. "they write on their (someone else's, people's) behalf"

kwyatn, I've written it for you all
kwyatnis', I've finally written it for you all
kwyatnn', I'd written it for you all
kwyatni, I write it for you all
u'kwyats, I wrote it for you all
kwyatnik, I'll keep writing it for you all
aakwyats I would write it for you all

ne ktyuhkwa'ke, in the crowd of people

ktyuhkway', crowd
ktyuhkuwn, a big crowd
ktyuhkuwns, big crowds

hakyat', he has asked them

kwat', I've asked all of you
kwats', I've finally asked all of you
kwat', I'd asked all of you
kwat', I ask all of you
u'kwat', I asked all of you
kwatk, I'll keep asking all of you
aakwat', I would ask all of you

ka ti'kwa huwe, where?

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