Matthew 2:6

Ne', khu, n-s, ne Bethlehem, hewe tytsate' ne Judah, th', nae, te'sasth he ny ne kanktayt' ne Judah; ne', s', n-s ke thayak't ne Thnht', ne' thakynhtnik n-akkwe'ta' Israel.

And you, Bethlehem, in the country of Judah, you are not the least among the number of the provinces of Judah, since out of you there will come a Governor who will rule my people, Israel.

hewe, where

te'sasth, you are not the smallest

akesth, I'm the youngest

he ny, among the number
(see ha'ty, everything)

ne kanktayt', the provinces or states

thayak't, he will come out

twakyak', I've come out
twakyak'as', I've finally come out
tkyak'skwa', I used to come out
tkyk's, I come out
takyk't, I came out
tkyak'sk, I'll keep coming out
aatkyak't, I would come out

ne Thnht', the governor,
lit. "he rules"

knht', I rule, I'm the governor
taknht', I ruled
tknhtk, I'll keep ruling, I'll continue to rule
aatknht', I would rule

ne' thakynhtnik, he will continue to rule them

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