Matthew 2:7

Ta un ne Herud utahseht'ke heaknk n n-kwe ne Magi, hakiwatahkwahs he niyuwa'ke sha'uytthe't n-utsihs'ta'.

And so Herod secretly summoned the people, that is the Magi, and he enquired from them at what time the star had appeared.

utahseht'ke, in private

akahseht, I've hidden it
akahsehtas', I've finally hidden it
kahsethak, I used to hide it
kahsetha', I hide it
u'kahset, I hid it
kahsethk, I'll keep hiding it
aakahset, I would hide it

heaknk, he has summoned them

kwnk, I've summoned all of you
kwnkas', I've finally summoned all of you
kwnskwa', I used to summon all of you
kwns, I summon all of you
u'kwnk, I summoned all of you
kwnksk, I'll keep summoning all of you
aakwnk, I would summon all of you

hakiwatahkwahs, he has enquired from them

kwaiwatahkwahs, I have enquired from all of you
kwaiwatahkwahses', I've finally enquired from all of you
kwaiwatahkwahsn', I'd enquired from all of you
kwaiwatahkwahse, I enquire from all of you
u'kwaiwatahkwas, I enquired from all of you
kwaiwatahkwahsk, I'll keep enquiring from all of you
aakwaiwatahkwas, I would enquire from all of you

he niyuwa'ke, at what time

sha'uytthe't, when it became apparent

thsiyuytethe', when it has become apparent
thsiyuytethe'as', when it has finally become apparent
thsiyuytethe'skwa', when it used to become apparent
thsiyuytthe's, when it becomes apparent
shyuytethe'sk, for as long as it will keep becoming apparent
shaayuytthe't, when it would become apparent

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