Matthew 2:13

Ne' n-n thsishunhtty, n n'w, n n-uya'ken'sh' N- awnyu' uytt hutatn haya'tate' ne Juseph, uishtakkw; hawhs, Tista't, tetsya'tak n-aksa'aa, khu n-unu'; swate'ku, Egypt tytsate' hswte'kwash'; ne'hu sh hhsi'tyta'k he niywe' hskwi'; ne' s', ne Herud uya'tihsk n-aksa'aa, ne aaiwaht't hhe'.

When they had left, then an angel of God made himself appear to Joseph in a dream, and he said to him, Get up, take the little boy and his mother, flee to the land of Egypt in exile, just continue to stay there until I tell you, because Herod will look for the little boy to cause him to lose his life.

uytt, (it is) apparent

uytethe', it has become apparent

hutatn, he has made himself

akatatn, I've made myself
akatatnyas', I've finally made myself
akatatnn', I'd made myself
katatni, I make myself
u'katatni', I made myself
katatnik, I'll keep making myself
aakatatni', I would make myself

haya'tate', he is there

kya'tte, I'm there, I'm present

tista't, stand up!

akta't, I've stood up, I'm standing
akta'tas', I've finally stood up
kta'thak, I used to stand up
kta'tha', I stand up
u'kta't, I stood up
kta'ta'k, I'll keep standing up
aakta't, I would stand up

tetsya'tak, take the body!

tetwakya'tahkw, I've taken the body
tetwakya'tahkwas', I've finally taken the body
tetkya'tahkwak, I used to take the body
tetkya'tahkwa', I take the body
ttakya'tak, I took the body
ttkya'tahkwk, I'll keep taking the body
ttakya'tak, I would take the body

swate'ku, flee!

akate'kw, I've fled
akate'kwas', I've finally fled
kate'kwaskwa', I used to flee
kate'kwas, I flee
u'kate'ku', I fled
kate'kwahsk, I'll keep fleeing
aakate'ku', I would flee

hswte'kwash', you will go there in flight

hewakate'kwash, I've gone there in flight
hewakate'kwashs', I've finally gone there in flight
hekate'kwashe'skwa', I used to go there in flight
hekate'kwashe's, I go there in flight
hu'kate'kwash', I went there in flight
hkate'kwashe'sk, I will keep going there in flight
haakate'kwash', I would go there in flight

ne'hu sh, only there
ne'hu sh
there just

uya'tihsk, he will look for him

akya'tihsk, I've looked for someone
akya'tihsakas', I've finally looked for someone
kya'tihsaskwa', I used to look for someone
kya'tihss, I look for someone
u'kya'tihsk, I looked for someone
kya'tihsaksk, I'll keep looking for someone
aakya'tihsk, I would look for someone

ne aaiwaht't, he might cause it to be lost
ne aa-h-w-aht't-Ø
NE OPTATIVE-MsA-matter-make.disappear-SIMPLE

akwaht't, I've made the matter disappear
akwaht'tas', I've finally made the matter disappear
kwaht'thak, I used to make the matter disappear
kwaht'tha', I make the matter disappear
u'kwaht't, I made the matter disappear
kwaht'ta'k, I'll keep making the matter disappear
aakwaht't, I would make the matter disappear

hhe', his life

tyhe', our lives
tshe', your lives

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