Matthew 2:14

T ne', ti, n-n tethuta', heak n-aksa'aa, khu n-unu', ne se; ne'hu heawn ne Egypt tytsate'.

So now then when he got up, he took the little boy and his mother at night, and they went to the land of Egypt.

tethuta', he got up again

tetwakta', I've gotten up again
tetwakta'as', I've finally gotten up again
tetkta'skwa', I used to get up again
tetkta's, I get up again
ttakta't, I got up again
ttkta'sk, I will keep getting up again
ttakta't, I would get up again

heak, he has taken them

hewkh, I've taken it
hewakhas', I've finally taken it
hewakhn', I'd taken it
hkhs, I take it
hu'kh', I took it
hkhahsk, I'll keep taking it
haakh', I would take it

ne se, in the evening

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