Matthew 2:15

Ne'hu sh he'ty', he niywe' heawey ne Herud; ne' ne'hu niyaw', uiwayei' n-awn' N-awnyu' ne hkw huwnitkhtahk haya'tate' n-utukstanik, hw, Egypt-ke, heshnk n-ewak.

He just stayed there until Herod died, and this happened so that the prediction of God took place as He had appeared long ago to his prophet and said, I have called my son back from Egypt.

heawey, he is dead (there, then)

akiy, I've died, I'm dead
akieys', I've finally died, I'm finaly dead
kieyskwa', I used to be dying
kiys, I'm dying
u'kie', I died
kieyhsk, I'll keep dying
aakie', I would die (also aaki'?)
yaiyus, she's dying
wa'aie', she died

huwnitkhtahk, he has caused his word to appear

akwnitkhtahk, I've made my word appear
akwnitkhtahkwas', I've finally made my word appear
kwnitkhtahkwak, I used to make my word appear
kwnitkhtahkwa', I make my word appear
u'kwnitkhtak, I made my word appear
kwnitkhtahkk, I'll keep making my word appear
aakwnitkhtak, I would make my word appear

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