Matthew 2:19

T ne', ti, n-n thsiawey ne Herud, n n'w, n- uya'ken'sh' N-awnyu' uishtk wauya'tatuka'the't haya'tate' ne Juseph, Egypt huwe, hawhs,

Now then when Herod died, it happened that God's angel appeared to Joseph over there in Egypt in a dream, and said to him,

thsiawey, since he is dead
cf. 2:15

wauya'tatuka'the't, he appeared

akya'tatuka'the', I've appeared
akya'tatuka'the'as', I've finally appeared
kya'tatuka'the'skwa', I used to appear
kya'tatuka'the's, I appear
u'kya'tatuka'the't, I appeared
kya'tatuka'the'sk, I'll keep appearing
aakya'tatuka'the't, I would appear

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