Matthew 2:20

Tista't, tetsya'tak n-aksa'aa khu n-unu', ne'hu hsas he thuntsate' ne Israel: n, nae, te'shnhe' n-nihsaskwa' nwnyu' n-aksa'aa.

Get up, take the little boy and his mother, go back to the country of Israel, since they are no longer alive, the ones who were looking to kill the little boy.

ne'hu hsas, go back there
ne'hu h--sa-s-e-:
cf. hak' 2:8

nwnyu', they might kill him

aky, I've killed it
akiyus', I've finally killed it
kiyuskwa',I used to kill it
kyus, I kill it
u'kyu', I killed it
kiyuhsk, I'll keep killing it
aakyu, I would kill it
tsyus, you're killing it
akaty, I've fought

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