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Below are listed a wide range of  texts that Thomas McElwain has composed, or, in the case of the Four Gospels, redacted.  All texts are in Mingo, and are given with a running English translation, as well as a word-by-word translation for the benefit of language learners.  Some texts also include morphological analysis, for those intereseted in Mingo grammatical structure.

Text Collections

Individual Stories

The story of a boy and his cheese.
Grandma is making some corn.
Ne Súwæk
One duck's flights of fancy.
The story of a friendship gone wrong.
John Mullins and the Corn Thief
Criminal Justice, the old-fashioned way.
Ne Uthehtúô'
An intoduction to Mingo cuisine.
A poem about headgear.
Ne Teyuhathehkwa'
The answer to the question on everyone's mind.
Ne Tewa'ææö Ne Káwása' Khu
A humorous encounter from up north.
The Ant's Birthday Party
A short little poem about Ant's festive day.
Making a Basket
A how-to for making wood baskets.
Call of the Whippoorwill
Genesis 1:26 and 1:27, with extended commentary.
Making A Husk Doll
A step-by-step plan for making traditional corn husk dolls.
An Event in the West
The tale of a most unfortunate dog.
Fox Earns His Rest
The doings of a busy busy fox.
A Day with Grandmother
A trip to Grandma's to learn about plants and medicine.
The Big Ones
A scary story about giant insects!
Watermelon Seed
Surrealist opus about giant fruit!
The Ax
Do not look gift axes in the handle.
Life before McDonald's.
(Not to be counted before they hatch.)

Nov 05 2000
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